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Dexin group originated from 1995, which developing real estate in major during the twenty years. And it develop steadily toward a 100-billion-level enterprise, formed a pattern of financial industry, modern service, business investment and operation in strong linkage with the main business.

For more than two decades, the business of Dexin group mainly in Yangtze River Delta, covering the key cities, and even at home and abroad.

Dexin group accelerates development in form fields, covering real estate, finance, modern services and business investment. Regarding real estate as the leading position, we devoted to develop the diversified finance, modern services and business investment and other key industries at the same time.

DeDDDexin group is one of the top 100 Chinese real estate enterprises, a famous company in Zhejiang province, so that we have the first level of development qualification in real estate and make a wide range of products.

As one of Dexin group’s strategic investment field--Kaiyin Investment Capital Company, it has a forward-looking ability to build a professional financial flatform. Kaiyin produces high-quality project which bringing high returns with low risk to investors, so that it reserved the China CSRC private license and SFC (Hongkong No. 9 (SFC) license qualification asset management business).

Meanwhile, one of the branch companies Shengquan which has the first level of China’s property service is committed to providing customers with a wide range of property services and subsidiary modern service, covering basic property, health care, the engineering construction, education, etc.


Business investment as a "full & full-field" integrated operations management service provider through the integration of resources to create a full range of commercial real estate, becoming Dickson future business development model to healthy start.

Future-oriented, global vision and strategic thinking will be open Dickson globalization, seize opportunities, integration of resources, vertical and horizontal, accelerate the transformation of development mode, and constantly optimize the industrial chain, value chain, and strive to achieve a new leap forward the transformation and upgrading.